Data Governance

Data governance is a term that refers to the way in which data is dealt with, which includes how data is managed, made available, stored, validated, processed and deleted. It has a technical side to it as well as an organisational, legal and ethical one. Good data governance is a necessary condition for the acceptable and legal use of data which underpins many future-oriented technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, or the internet of things.  The CCSR has the ambition to become a leading centre of excellence in data governance with a particular emphasis on its social, legal and ethical aspects. The CCSR has built up significant experience of data governance in past and current projects. The work in this thematic group contributes to the strengthening of conceptual foundations of data governance work which is required to make novel contributions to academic knowledge but also to provide practical advice on data governance to research and other organisations. 

Equality and Leadership

The Equality and Leadership research group brings together academics in the CCSR to discuss, explore and investigate issues around equality, representation and discrimination in research.  

These themes extend to both the target and the methods of research. The group is not only interested in exploring how research can be a tool used responsibly and for the public good, but also how research can be conducted responsibly and in a fair, equal and representative manner.  

AI and Society in Global Perspective

This group explores the social, ethical and governance dimensions of artificial intelligence (AI) research and emerging applications in diverse global contexts. The group aims to provide a platform for colleagues at CCSR and DMU to generate new ideas, share work in progress, and to develop new research, networks, publications and grant applications.

The group shares interests in a variety of themes, such as the relationships between AI and philosophy, democracy, laws, regulation and human rights, as well as cybersecurity and privacy. Ongoing projects include: (1) a survey of the African AI strategy landscape, and (2) the AI Global Governance Group (AI-GGG), which focuses on the expected social impacts and regulatory needs of AI and automation, especially in emerging economies and developing countries. The AI-GGG is currently conducting a pilot study that involves focus groups in 16 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Surveillance Research

The Surveillance Research Group is a sub-group of CCSR whose primary purpose is to explore the ethical, legal, and socio-cultural risks inherent in surveillance society. The group aims to develop and conduct innovative research and to attract and stimulate researchers in the field including PhD students.  Our aim is to contribute to existing body of knowledge in surveillance studies and to develop collaborations and networks. The Surveillance group has interests in the issues surrounding politics, power, ethics, philosophy and technology, and the impact of surveillance on marginalized groups. Current work focuses on Vaccine passports and the implications and issues that this proposal raises.  

SDGs, AI and Cultural Narratives

The group aims to contribute to the discourse of AI (and other emerging technologies) and how they impact SDGs from the point of view of cultural narratives. Although the CCSR has done and continues to do a lot of work around AI, not much has been done on AI and SDGs, particularly from the perspectives of other cultures beyond that of the Global North.  Thus, the group plans to contribute to the discourse by looking at cultural narratives of AI (and other emerging technologies) not only from the point of view of the Global North but other geographical perspectives including the Global South. The group also aims to understand how AI (other emerging technologies) impact the achievement of SDGs. It also aims to assess the social and ethical implications of technologies with a cultural narrative lens. In order to advance the groups work, the group will tackle such questions like ‘what are the emerging narratives on AI and its influence on achieving SDGs’, ‘are there differences across countries and regions in these narratives’ and ‘if there are differences, what are they?’ 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is an area that is increasingly important in today’s world. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic also served to greatly accelerate it. Digital transformation is all about reimagining business using digital technologies in such a way that it results in meeting business and industry requirements in a constantly changing world. The digital transformation group was started as a direct response to local organisations who when asked about possible areas of support and collaboration with CCSR, overwhelming identified with digital transformation. The group brings together academics in CCSR to discuss, explore and investigate issues around digital transformation with an overarching aim of positively contributing to driving it forward in research and industry.