CCSR Commercial Outreach (CCSR-CO) Project

CCSR Commercial Outreach (CCSR-CO) Project

The Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR) has a renewed strategy to increase engagement and collaborations with industry. To facilitate this the CCSR-CO (CCSR Commercial Outreach) project is ongoing. CCSR has many unique selling points, the key ones that this project builds on are the ethics and data governance expertise that abounds in the CCSR. The project aims to develop connections with local organisations, including Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) who might not have the same capacity and resources that larger organisations have to cater to their data ethics and governance needs. The objectives of the project are to promote engagement between CCSR as a whole and these organisations. It would also support collaborations between relevant individuals/subgroups in CCSR and specific organisations where industry needs and research interests align. Additionally, deliverables from this project would include the provision of online courses and toolkits to help MSMEs with their ethics and data governance needs. The online resources would include facilities for these organisations to submit ethics and data governance related questions/issues to be addressed by CCSR. This work will be closely coordinated with ORBIT, the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation, a spin-out non-profit company jointly owned by DMU and the University of Oxford.

The main deliverables from the project are

  • Online ethics and data governance courses and resources for connected organisations
  • Ethics toolkits for connected organisations
  • Website (online presence)
  • CRM Database with details of local organisations who contact have been made with and CCSR research interests. This would be assessable to all CCSR members to use to identify potential collaborators and would be a live (kept up to date) repository

The CCSR-CO project would also include the formation of a CCSR industry advisory board.

Duration: 04/01/2021 – 30/06/2021

Granted by: HEIF for Enterprise Projects

Lead by: Funmi Obembe